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Nanotoxicology services for successful product development

nanoTox scientists have decades of experience working with nano and biological materials, including pharmacological and toxicological research using in vitro and in vivo pre-clinical models; preparation of the non-clinical portions of pharmaceutical and medical device submissions to regulatory agencies and the design and oversight of pre-clinical studies to meet research and business objectives. Our level of nanotoxicology expertise is unparalleled in the industry.

Regulatory Monitoring and Compliance:
Globally, regulators are considering a wide array of environmental, workplace safety, consumer protection, food and drug, toxic material transportation and many other regulations that may impact your product's commercialization. nanoTox monitors these developments and provides you the knowledge you need to make wise and economical product development choices and avoid regulatory actions.

nanoTox assessments are based on recognized domestic and international toxicological data quality standards, allowing you to satisfy the reporting requirements of the environmental health and safety regulators in the U.S., Canada, E.U. and Japan. If needed, nanoTox also can help guide your products through the regulatory maze, even through the FDA.

Initial Nanosafety Assessment:
The first step in protecting your product or process is an initial safety assessment. nanoTox identifies potential health and environmental risks, whether in the R&D process, manufacturing, waste handling, transportation and storage of nanomaterials, consumer use or end of product lifecycle disposal.

Toxicology Testing:
Most nanoparticles are custom designed and manufactured, as should be the toxicology portfolio. nanoTox creates a custom testing program designed to address your specific risk-assessment needs. Results always are held in complete confidence to protect your intellectual property, as well as your company.

Risk Assessments:
nanoTox provides a risk-assessment report providing an expert analysis for each safety portfolio to determine potential risks based on best available knowledge to protect your product, R&D, company and reputation.

nanoTox also can provide ongoing risk assessment to keep your portfolio up to date as scientific knowledge techniques and standards evolve.

R&D support:
Risk assessment and toxicology testing may reveal some unwanted environmental health and safety issues, and nanoTox’s scientists can help your R&D staff eliminate, reduce or manage the undesirable toxicity. If involved in early-stage R&D, nanoTox can help reduce R&D costs by avoiding toxicity issues and the cost and effort spent eliminating them later on.

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